Workers Comp Benefits

In the state of California is against the law to run a business without Workers Compensation Insurance.  Employers have the duty to provide an injured worker medical treatment for any work related injury. If you or a love one have been injured at work and have no medical insurance to seek medical treatment and your employer is not helping; you will need of an attorney for your workers compensation claim.

Under workers compensation an injured worker who has suffered any wrongful death, physical injury, and psychological stress is entitled to any permanent disability compensation.

If you have suffered an injury at work you may be entitled to the benefits below:

·         Temporally Disability benefits up to 104 weeks (if unable to work)
·         Medical treatment (at no cost to the injured worker)
·         Permanent Disability
·         Voucher (if qualified for retraining)
·         Future Medical treatment

An injured worker wants to pursue and get their worker compensation benefits as soon as possible, since they are deadlines to meet and WOKERS COMPENSATION ATTORNEY can help with those deadlines. Insurance has 90 days to accept or deny a claim. Our attorney will deal with the LEGAL portion of your workers compensation claim; while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

We will work hard to get the maximum workers compensation benefits for the injured. We will not charge any upfront fees. If we can’t get you any monetary compensation; you don’t have to pay for our fees.  

Our office has helped thousands of injured workers with their workers compensation claim and recovered the maximum benefits they are entitled to.  DON’T let the insurance adjusters take advantage or cheat you from getting your benefits. You need someone on your side. Protect all your legal rights, have an EXPERIENCE Workers Compensation attorney help you with this journey.

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