Actos Judge Accused of Misconduct by Plaintiff Attorneys

As the Actos litigation heats up, so too do the emotions surrounding the issue.  In one of the stranger twists in this litigation, many attorneys have cried foul to Judge Rebecca Doherty’s efforts to reach out to a state judge to coordinate trial efforts.

Judge Doherty recently contacted New Mexico state Judge Sarah Singleton to coordinate their efforts.  Following the guidelines established in the Mass Tort Litigation Committee of the Conference of Chief Justices’ State Manual, Judge Doherty noted, “coordination, cooperation, discussion and interaction between and among federal courts and state courts is not a novel thing…rather, it is advised, encouraged, and welcomed by both the federal and state courts.”

It is likely that attorneys feared this federal judge would try to exert her influence over state litigation.  However, Judge Doherty assured attorneys that this was not the case.  She further warned litigating attorneys against an inflammatory tone intended to manipulate or intimidate the courts.

Why Is there Actos Litigation

Actos litigation initiated following a U.S. Food and Drug Administration safety warning that Actos could cause a 40% higher risk of bladder cancer in patients who have taken this drug for a year or longer.  This data was supported by Kaiser Permanente’s 10 year meta- study of Actos patients.  Across the nation and even across the globe, similar studies have further supported these claims.

Actos patients began to suffer the ill effects of bladder cancer and even die.  In response, injured patients and grieving family members filed suits in multidistrict litigation.  These Actos lawsuits have been going on since December 2011 and are expected to continue into 2013. As patients develop bladder cancer or die, more patients consider filing suit every day.

If You Have Been Injured by Actos

If you are an Actos patient that has developed bladder cancer, you do not have to suffer alone.  Call our experienced and knowledgeable Actos injury attorneys today for your free consultation.  We want to obtain the justice you deserve and get you the compensation you need.  Call us today and we can get to work on your case.