Actos Lawsuits Rise

Patients with diabetes injuries have been filing suit in droves against Actos manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, its subsidiaries, and Eli Lilly.  These cases recently reached over 800 individuals alleging their diabetes injuries were the result of taking their Actos medication as prescribed.

Sold as the “safer alternative” to its predecessor, Avandia, Actos has been controversial due to a multitude of studies which allege the drug increases the risk of bladder cancer in patients.  In their July 2011 public health communication, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cited a 40% increased risk of developing bladder cancer when patients took Actos for a year or longer.  This is particularly troubling because Actos reportedly held a 20% market share of diabetes medications overall.  How many millions of people could have potentially risked their health taking this medication?

Why the Lawsuits?

Plaintiffs allege these diabetes injuries were the result of Actos’ manufacturer, subsidiaries, and distributor’s failure to protect the public by aggressively marketing a medication they knew or should have known to be unsafe.  Some cases have cited early studies which suggest a strong link to increased rates of bladder cancer.  And other cases report 100+ consumercomplaints a year that should have alerted the defendants to the dangerous side effects.

Due to this large number of cases filed across the nation, a federal judge recently consolidated these cases into one multi- district litigation in the hopes that this will expedite victims’ relief.  If you are seeking relief for your diabetes injury, you should consult an attorney today.  If you or your loved one has been injured taking your Actos medication as prescribed, you could be entitled to compensation.  Call our skilled product liability attorneys today to preserve your legal rights.