Actos Litigation To Begin Soon

For consumers suffering Actos injuries, it appears relief is right around the corner.  The first of over 1,000 filed Actos lawsuits will officially go to trial on February 19,2003 in Los Angeles.  The case,  Jack Cooper, et al. v. Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc., et al has been consolidated into multidistrict litigation, which allows victims expedited relief. Judge Kenneth R. Freeman will be presiding over this important initial case.

Why Is There Actos Litigation

Actos litigation initiated after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advised consumers in a safety warning that Actos had been linked to bladder cancer.  According to recent studies, patients who had taken Actos for a year or longer were as much as 40% more likely to develop bladder cancer.  Thousands of Americans reported adverse health consequences, including bladder cancer to the FDA as a result of taking Actos.  Because of this link, injured patients filed suit against the pharmaceutical company.

In each of these complaints, patients allege the pharmaceutical company knew or should have known about the dangers that Actos presented to consumers.  These health consequences included:

  • heart failure, heart attacks
  • limb fractures
  • bladder cancer
  • death
Because of these severe consequences, injured Actos patients have filed suit to protect their rights and recover costly medical bills.

If You Have Been Injured Taking Actos

If you've suffered any of these terrible effects after taking Actos medication, it's not too late to determine whether or not you're eligible for compensation.  If you've suffered taking this medication, you should consult a skilled product liability attorney to review your case.