How a Personal Injury Attorney Could Help You in Your Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclists often talk about the thrill of the open road.  It's exciting to get on your motorcycle and feel the wind in your hair and hear the deep vibrating hum of the motorcycle as it hugs the road. But often, motorcyclists find themselves in great danger because of drivers who don't want to share the road. Because of others' carelessness, negligence, or even purposely harmful actions, motorcyclists could be at risk of severe crashes.

In the hospitals, they refer to motorcycle crash victims as "organ donors."  Unfortunately, many of these crashes do not leave motorcyclists in the best of shape.  Motorcyclists can be thrown across the open road, risking road rash in their skin, burns from the bike, being run over by other vehicles, and death upon impact.  These crashes are often grisly.  But if you survive a motorcycle accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

How is Compensation Determined for Motorcycle Accidents?

When you've been in a motorcycle accident, there are often many details to consider, from your health expenses, damage to your bike, and more. Depending on your unique case, you might be able to collect a settlement based on the following elements:

  • reimbursement for hospital bills and future hospital expenses
  • medical treatments including surgeries, chiropractor visits
  • repair of your motorcycle following the accident, or money to get a new motorcycle
  • rental reimbursement costs
  • money for loss of earnings, lost wages
  • pain and suffering as a result of your crash
  • potential out of pocket expenses relating to your crash or your treatment
How Can I Maximize My Settlement?

In order to maximize your settlement, you should consider hiring an experienced personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents.  Personal injury attorneys handle these kinds of cases frequently and are used to negotiating favorable settlements with insurance companies.  If you risk bringing a personal injury claim on your own, you may not obtain the money you need.  Call a personal injury attorney to find out how you can be compensated.