How Personal Injury Attorneys Use Trucks' Black Boxes in Your Case

On my way into work the other morning, I saw the remains of a terrible accident.  It appears that a truck collided with a car and the vehicles came to a stop in the fast lane.  It always amazes me the amount of wreckage you find around the scene.  Sometimes, you also catch a glimpse of some of the systems they use to monitor these vehicles, called black boxes. 

Truck driving is big business.  Companies pay truck drivers big money to haul their goods across the country and they want to know where their system is at all times.  If you're a trucking company, you want to be able to trust a driver on the road, but you also need to carefully monitor where they are, miles driven, physical problems with the vehicle, you name it.  So smart companies install systems that are often still referred to as black box systems.  All of the truck's operational data is tracked, including changes to speed, tire pressure, maintenance records, you name it. 

If You're in a Truck Accident, You Need the Black Box Data

If you've been in a truck accident, you want the data available on that black box.  And you'll want to obtain that data quickly before the company erases all trace of a faulty braking system or underinflated tires. Smart personal injury attorneys try to go after that data immediately.  Because often, they can use this data to prove or disprove elements of the case.  This data can be used to:

  • reconstruct the accident accurately
  • disprove the other side's accident reconstruction
  • rebut expert witness testimony
  • tell you vital information about truck maintenance records
  • provide speed information
  • provide information about the truck driver's operation of the vehicle
This information can be critical to obtain and if you don't have a skilled personal injury attorney on your side, you could find this data is lost forever. 

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney to Protect Your Rights

As a victim of an accident with a truck, you are entitled to the data on that black box.  But many companies will try to erase the data or replace it with other data.  The specific details you may need could be lost forever if you're not adequately represented. By hiring a skilled personal injury attorney, you'll gain a skilled advocate who can obtain this data for you.