Bugaboo International Recalls Over 50,000 Strollers Due to Fears of Child Injury

High end strollers have been very popular among parents these days.  But according to a recent stroller recall notice, apparently they can be extremely dangerous in some situations. According to the recall notice from Bugaboo International, there's a button that can dislodge on their donkey and cameleon strollers, causing the handle to detach and risk injury to the child.

Over 50,000 of these strollers have been recalled, mostly in the United States.  Approximately 46,300 strollers in the United States are being recalled and another 4,440 are being recalled in Canada.  Out of the recalled lot, approximately 58 parents have reported the issue, causing concern for injury to children in the stroller. Both of the recalled strollers were sold between 2009 and 2012, so newer versions of these strollers are not included in the recall. 

The Risk of Injury with Defective Strollers

If a stroller is defective or faulty, children are at great risk for injury.  Without control of the device, parents could potentially watch their child injured in many ways, including:

  • falling
  • choking
  • slamming into something
  • breaking bones
  • heavy items falling on them
The possibilities are nearly endless because of the many  situations that could arise when a stroller's handle detaches.  What is clear is that parents could potentially lose control of the device and children may be injured.  

If Your Child Has Been Injured

If your child has suffered an injury due to a defective stroller, you could be entitled to compensation for those injuries.  You should not be forced to suffer because a product does not perform within its safety guidelines. If your child is injured, call a skilled product liability attorney today to discuss your rights.