Feds Charge Peanut Corp Execs for Deadly Salmonella Outbreak

If you've been scanning the news today, then you've likely seen that federal prosecutors have indicted key people in a now disbanded peanut processing corporation.  If you recall in 2009, over 700 people in 46 states were injured with salmonella from peanuts.  9 of those people later died.  It was the biggest food recall due to salmonella concerns in the history of the US.  

Today, federal prosecutors are alleging that key executives had knowledge that these peanuts were tainted with salmonella and released them anyways, endangering the lives of their customers.  This serious allegation includes charges of fraud and conspiracy. If federal prosecutors are successful in their case, executives of the former Peanut Corp of America will face jail time.  Of the 5 executives charged, one has already pled guilty.  The rest await trial.

The Danger for Consumer Injury

If the executives of Peanut Corp America knowingly released salmonella infected peanuts into the food supply, as the US Justice Dept claims, then there was a high potential for consumer injury. When people eat products tainted with salmonella, they become infected with the bacteria and are at great risk for the following injuries:

  • nausea, vomiting
  • dehydration
  • organ damage
  • liver damage
  • joint pains
  • painful urination
  • chronic carthritis
  • death
Salmonella poisoning can sound like no big deal, but knowingly infecting people with salmonella tainted products means the executives knowingly risked people's health and even death.  Salmonella may sound harmless, but it can be deadly. 

If you have become ill or have lost a loved one due to salmonella tainted products, you should contact a skilled product liability attorney today.  Protect your rights and consult a skilled product liability attorney to determine whether or not you can be compensated for these injuries.