Are You at Risk from At Home Beauty Treatments?

At home beauty treatments can be a huge time saver and savings to busy people.  However, they can also cause serious injury.  Even when you've read the directions and performed the at home beauty treatment faithfully, you could be at risk for injury. 

In one instance, the law firm of Bond & Taylor has had clients complain of injuries due to at home beauty treatments.  These consumer complaints have centered on the Sally Hansen at home Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit.  Clients have complained of injuries resulting in exploding wax.  According to clients, after microwaving the wax product, a ring formed on the top which boiled over instantly and exploded.  This caused some consumers serious injuries. 

Are You at Risk

At home beauty treatments can be extremely risky because there are a number of factors that manufacturers may not be able to foresee.  This may include the differences in microwave temperatures, consumer understanding of the directions, ambiguity of directions, environmental conditions, you name it.  

When consumers experience injury as the result of home beauty treatments, they could be faced with lasting injuries such as severe burns and scars.  In the case of Bond & Taylor's clients injured by the Sally Hansen Microwavable Eyebrow, Face & Lip Wax Kit, some of these clients were left with lasting injuries which could severely affect their quality of life. This could include the following unforseen difficulties:

  • damage to their appearance
  • inability to work
  • inability to lead a normal life
  • inability to reproduce 
  • severe damage to organs
  • and more
If you've been injured by your at home beauty treatment, you should contact a product liability attorney who understands what you may be suffering through.  Obtain the help you need instead of suffering in silence.