Janitor Forced Into Post-Hurricane Sandy Destruction Files Lawsuit

A janitor who was securing the Goldman Sachs building in lower Manhattan during Superstorm Sandy is suing his bosses for $10 million for tossing him out into the storm. At the time, the former janitor was helping the company during Hurricane Sandy when a drunken supervisor tossed him out the headquarters and into the storm.

The man reports that the ordeal was extremely terrifying and left him shivering and unable to work for weeks. Afterwards, the janitorial firm fired him for allegingly stealing money from a discarded shirt from a co-worker. As a result, the 42 year-old man is suing the janitorial firm for $10 million and endeavoring to get his previous position at the company.

The man worked at his company for 12 years cleaning in the Goldman Sachs building. The situation has left him extremely distraught. At the time of the flood, the men were working diligently to keep the floodwaters out of the building. He worked without sleep. Then his boss who smelled of alcohol told him to leave the building without reason. The worker lives in Staten Island where there was a state of emergency. The worker pleaded to at least stay in the lobby but his supervisors said no. Even a local cop who was trying to help was ignored.

As a result, the janitor had to trek from lower Manhattan to Staten Island. The man was afraid he would die from drowning or electrocution while wading through the water. The journey took him 15 hours. Thus, the janitor is now filing a lawsuit against the janitorial company for his pain and suffering.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

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