Facts About Pedestrians Accidents

In California pedestrians using walking as transportation is more common than other states. Never the less, California placed in 16th place for pedestrians  accidents. Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration most of the pedestrian's accidents are against an auto. You may be surprise to know that over 4,000 pedestrians died in traffic accidents. Also, in California pedestrians accidents happen to higher in urban areas and the Hispanic community is at a higher risk of getting in to pedestrian accidents.

A pedestrian being hit by an auto; the pedestrian has a big disadvantage in the car accident. An auto has its own shield and the pedestrian has nothing to protect a hideous auto accident.  Most of us believe or think that pedestrian accidents happen at intersections or cross walks, however, fact is that they tend to happen in the middle of the street where the pedestrian attempts to cross the street. This does not indicate that the pedestrian is at fault for the accident; the fact is that at all times the driver must have full control of their vehicle and be cautious of pedestrians.

Accidents happen constantly, however  if an auto driver is negligent or is a reckless driver when the accident occurs; the injured victim can seek compensation. The type of compensation that a pedestrian in an accident would be entitled are lost wages, pain & suffering, medical treatment and in certain circumstances property damage. When the accident is auto versus pedestrian the result can be shattering and lead to bodily, head, neck injuries.

Pedestrian accidents are constant and therefore we recommend that when you or a love one has suffered an accident and you are a pedestrian you consult with California Pedestrian Accident Attorneys. Our  highly trained team will help you recover from your emotional and mental injuries that the accident has caused.