Cell Phone Accidents

The cell phone revolution has continued to increase in the past few years. Today cell phones are being carried in people's pockets and hands during all waking hours; this device has become so popular that some could not live without it  to conduct work and personal chores. People carry a cell phone with them at all times and everywhere they go.

In California statistics show that distracted driving has caused 5,474 car accidents, 16 percent of the car accidents have resulted in fatal auto accidents.  Cell phone use while driving increases the risk of car accidents. Some studies show cell phone distraction while during is equivalent to driving under the influence. Driver using this hand held device are not only being distracted but also breaking the law. In the state of California the use of a hand held device has been banded, as well as texting while operating a vehicle. Also for the bus drivers hand held and hands free device are banded for them while driving a bus. Law enforcement says that being distracted by a cell phone is similar to drunk driving.

The use of cell phone while driving has increased car accidents due to the driver being distracted while driving. Accidents cause by a negligent, distracted driver can lead to fatal car accidents. The injured victim in car accidents can suffer severe bodily, head, neck injuries. These injuries can last for many years and will need a lot of care to heal.

Injured victims that suffered injuries from distracted car drivers due to cell phone use can be compensated for medical treatment, lost wages (if applicable),  pain and suffering and any property damage. The recovery from car accidents is a long process.  We advised that if you are an injured victim from a car accident that was cause by a negligent, reckless driver you contact a professional Attorney that specializes in Car Accidents  in California.

Please make sure that you get an experience lawyer to handle your car accident case and let us deal with the legal portion of your Personal Injury claim while you focus on recovering. Our office will not charge a dime unless there is compensation to our injured client.