Fatal Semi Truck Accident in California

News have reported a Semi Truck Accident near Sylmar this morning leaving one person death in the semi truck accident. One of the vehicles was caught on fire which had the fire department rushed to the scene. CHP is still investigating the semi truck accident and they are not sure what caused the accident. It is believed that a sedan was traveling in wrong direction and the semi truck was trying to avoid the sedan when it lost control and ended colliding with the vehicle. This tragic semi truck accident have caused for the 210 Westbound to be closed this morning.

The tragic accident has caused one person's life and another person injures.  This type of accident can cause catastrophic results. In most semi truck accidents some of the victims are severely injured with head, neck, back injuries and or death like in this accident. A semi truck weights a ton more than an auto and as you can just imagine the force between them.

Our condolences to the victims of these semi truck accident.

A semi truck accident will leave several injuries that can last for months or even years. Medical treatment will be necessary for the injured victims. At times, there is no time for you to deal with the adjuster of the claim. The adjuster might even try to confuse you in to taking a minimal compensation when you are going through a tough time. Let the specialist in the Inland Empire Attorney  help you.

If you are involved in a semi truck accident is best to consult with a specialized Inland Empire Attorney. An Inland Empire Attorney can help you recover any lost wages, medical treatment, pain & suffering and property damage that the semi truck has left you. It is important that you report the accident to the police department and contact our office immediately after a semi truck accident.