Tragic DUI Car Accident Leaves Three Dead

In the United States driving under the influence is illegal on all fifty states. The standard legal limit of driving with an alcohol level is 0.08. Statistics show that California has placed second place in DUI accidents. In 2009, California had 3,0081 injured and 1,118 resulted in fatal accidents caused by driving under the influence of an alcohol level of 0.08 plus. Driving while intoxicated is against the law and driving under the influence can cause catastrophic auto accidents and or even death.

This weekend a tragic DUI car accident leaves three innocent dead, two girls and a woman in the car died in the City of Lynwood. A drunk driver in a Cadillac collided with a Chevy Tahoe. News have reported that the Cadillac driver was intoxicated and was speeding when he hit the SUV while making a left turn. The driver of the Chevy Tahoe, two male passengers and a one year old boy were taken to the hospital in critical conditions. This tragic car accident caused severe injuries to the victims. The driver of the Cadillac was also severely injured and tried to flee the scene of the accident. Several families affected in this catastrophic accident.

The police closed down the roads for about seven hours to collect evidence from the car accident. The injured victims will need time and medical treatment to heal and get back on their feet.  This is a tragedy for the families involved in this car accident. Our respect and condolences to the families to the injured victims

Tragedies like these happen often in California. If you have suffered or been an injured victim from a Drunk Driver you should consider legal representation from an Inland Empire Attorney.

The injured victims injured by a DUI driver may be entitled to medical treatment, lost wages, pain & suffering, and property damage. It is necessary that you contact our offices for any legal advice from a specialized Personal injury attorney.