11th Grader Injured Nine Students

News reports that an 11th grade student ran a red light in the Inland Empire, nine students were injured at  the accident. The 11th grader ran a red light and did not have enough time to stop at the intersection. A technical mechanism car investigation  is ongoing to determine what happen. No signs of drugs or alcohol have been involved to be the cause of the accident. Student stayed at the scene of the accident to help the injured victims.

Statistics show that in 2008, 165,000 victims were injured and 762 were fatal accidents due to drivers running a red light causing car accidents. These are not only car accidents but also pedestrians and bicyclist that result with injuries due to drivers running a red light. Running a red light is against the law.

Since 1990 in California many cities have installed cameras that take pictures of drivers running a red light. It has been proven that these cameras have helped reduced car accidents drastically. Al though cameras are  installed in every corner car accidents still happen. Many drivers forget that there are cameras there and are not able to stop at the intersection and run the red light. The ticket/citation will be sending to the driver's home and can be fined up to $600 in California. Most of the car accidents that happen on the intersection end up t-bone hit. T-bone accidents end up leaving injured victims severely injuries to their neck, back and or end up in fatalities.

Car  accidents continue to happen due to drivers running a red light; this has caused injured victims to seek medical treatment. If you have been injured due to a driver running a red light and need medical treatment, you should contact a Personal Injury Attorney.

A Personal Injury Attorney will be able to open up a personal injury claim if you have been injured in car accident. Injured victims can be entitled for any permanent disability this car accident has caused.