What to do After a Hit and Run

California has one of the highest numbers in hit and runs in the United States.  In California 300 people have died due to hit and runs car accidents. One of ten car accidents are hit and runs car accidents. These accidents are a constant problem for pedestrians, cyclists, and other car drivers.

Statistics also show that the pedestrians walking at night are the most in danger. Car accidents happen through the day, however at night time there happens to be a higher ration of hit and runs. Most of the time it has to do with impaired driving as driving under the influence.

Injures victims from hit and run accidents are left with damage property, medical bills and medical treatment. In the State of California is against the law to flee the scene if involved in a car accident. The crime can be punishable with incarceration and or fined.

Why Does a Driver Flee the Scene

There could be several reasons on why a driver flees the scene of a car accident. These may be the most common reasons that people face with hit and run accidents.

1. Due to no insurance.
2. Driving under the influence
3. No Driver  License/Suspended License
4. Fear or Scared of the Car accident

What to do After a Hit and Run Accident

1. Stop at the scene of the accident
2. Contact the police and make report of accident
3. Get any witness information
4. Report any injuries and seek medical treatment immediately

Most important is to notify the Police Department regarding any hit and run. This can play a big roll on finding the person liable for the hit and run accident.  Witnesses can also be helpful in identifying the person of the hit and run and that can later be used on for your case and or for prosecution.

A Hit and run accident is a serious violation that can convict the driver for fleeing the scene once found. It can be punishable with incarceration and or fined. There are serious consequences once the driver flees the scene. When involved in a car accident the driver is to do the following:

1. Stop at the scene
2. Exchange information with other drivers
3. Contact Police and make report of the accident.

It is best recommended that if you are an injured victim in a car accident involving a hit and run that you contact the police immediately. Once this has been reported to the Police Department we ask that you contact an experience hit and run attorney. Cases may vary due to the hit and run and one's insurance policy. If you have been a victim in hit in run accident and is in need of a consultation contact our Inland Empire Attorneys.