Unpaid Overtime

Most employees work   forty hours a week, at times the employer may require that employees stay and work overtime. If overtime is a necessary the employer is to pay the overtime at time-and-one-half to the employees. Employers will be making no overtime allow policies or have their employees be salary employees to avoid overtime.  However, employees that are working overtime and are not been paid that time-and- one-half and have

Employers may have salary employees and won’t pay any additional monies if overtime is worked after their forty hours since their contract may not be specific on overtime. On a daily basis employees will work and not get paid for overtime. Employers that have an allowance  for the man power will use salary employees to cover their allowance.

Situations like this happen over and over an accumulate a considerable amount of unpaid overtime and this will allow for the employee to seek legal advice.  In California the law requires that employers pay their employees for overtime worked.  Situations may be different at times due to employers having their employees on a salary  contract versus a hourly employee.

Very important that the employee notify the employer of any unpaid overtime .Have questions regarding  unpaid overtime and or a wage claim?  Contact our professional services an unpaid overtime attorney will consult with you free of charge.