Rights of Injured Workers

Thousands are in injured at work in California. The California Workers Compensation Appeals Board was created for the rights of injured workers. In California if you are injured at work you may be entitled to a monetary compensation due to a work related injury.

 njuries happen at any given time at workplace, therefore the employer has the duty to provide medical treatment to an injured worker. Employers have to maintain the workplace a safe place for their employees to prevent work injuries.
You need to know your work injury rights as soon as you get injured at work. Rights for injured workers can be from a slip and fall to a death due to a work injury. Work injury rights include medical treatment and compensation for permanent disability that this injury has caused. Medical treatment will be necessary for the injured worker, to recover and be able to return to work.

 Your will need someone to be on your side to fight for your work injury rights. A California Workers’ Compensation Attorney will represent you and fight for your work injury rights. Contact us today for free consultation, we will gladly answer any questions and or doubts your may have about work related injuries.