Workplace Accidents

In California is against the law for a business to operate without workers compensation insurance. In the 1900s states passed workers compensation laws that prevented employees suing their employer for workplace accidents. These laws were passed to help protect the employees, nevertheless some are protecting the employer. The California Workers Compensation system will look after the employee to get monetary compensation to the injured worker for any permanent injury and or permanent disability.

It’s a given, that at any time an employee will get injured at the workplace. Employers need to provide their employees a safe workplace to prevent workplace accidents. Workplace accidents need to reported immediately to your employer. Employers, thru their workers compensation insurance will provide medical treatment for the injured worker.

Regardless of severity of the work injury, you will need someone on your side.  Understanding legal/medical terms will be a challenge, our workplace injury attorneys are specially trained and will be able to make this tragic situation easier for the injured worker.   Has your employer deny medical treatment? Don’t let this stop you from pursuing your rights to medical treatment for a workplace accident. Contact our office to have a specialized workplace injury attorney/lawyer help your thru hard times like these.