Does California’s Diversity Translate to Less Disparity in Injury Outcomes?

In a new University of San Diego study, researchers concluded white, black, and Hispanic children all had equal hospital survival rates after experiencing serious injuries.  In a 12 year study of over 47,000 patient records, the study concluded there was little disparity.  In fact, an estimated 1% of injured children died, findings that were similar across racial groups.

This finding was somewhat surprising, given past evidence that racial disparities could influence outcomes. Said lead researcher, Dr. David Chang, “We suspect that there's something about the system, and it could be the diversity or it could be the health care system in California, where there's less of a difference between races than you see in different parts of the country.”

Originally, it appeared there might be just the opposite.  Among white kids, deaths seemed to be less common than blacks and Hispanics until researchers accounted for age, severity of injury and mechanism of injury. For instance, gunshot wounds were more common in blacks, and falls were more common in Asians.

What do you think? Does California’s increased diversity translate into better outcomes for minority patients?

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