U.S. Dept of Justice Claims Healthcare Fraud on the Rise

Yesterday, the U.S. Dept of Justice announced the arrest of 91 people in 7 cities nationally in conjunction with over $430 million in alleged Medicare fraud claims.   In Southern California, 18 residents were arrested in conjunction with 6 cases of Medicare fraud.   Federal officials estimate the fraud totals around $65 million, the largest in Los Angeles. 

Said Attorney General Holder, “Today’s enforcement actions reveal an alarming and unacceptable trend of individuals attempting to exploit federal health care programs to steal billions in taxpayer dollars for personal gain.”

As of February 2012, Attorney General Holder reported anti- fraud efforts had reclaimed over $4.1 billion, the largest sum ever reclaimed in a single year.


How You Can Prevent Fraud

·         Host a Senior Medicare Patrol meeting! You too can educate and empower your peers to identify, prevent and report healthcare fraud.  Thousands of community meetings are held annually to increase fraud awareness.

·         Report suspicious activity.  Did you not order an extra wheelchair? Be on the alert for items you did not order and do not require that are being tacked onto your medical supply deliveries.

·         Compare your bills with services you actually received.

·         Question promotions that offer free tests, treatment, or services – especially when the provider requests your insurance information


Healthcare Fraud Puts You at Risk

Healthcare fraud puts you at risk which could potentially damage your health.  And it robs citizens of their hard earned money because it drives health care costs higher.  We all suffer because of health care fraud.

If you suspect you’re the victim of healthcare fraud, you may want to speak to an attorney.