Do I Have a Pradaxa Case

To patients suffering with atrial fibrillation, blood thinner medication can be life saving.  By stopping potentially fatal blood clots from forming, patients are able to avoid strokes and heart attacks.  However, the latest blood thinner medication to come under scrutiny has been Pradaxa. 

Sold as a new and improved version of Warfarin, Pradaxa was supposed to thin the blood and require less doctor oversight.  Instead of blocking Vitamin K production like Warfarin and similar drugs, Pradaxa worked by inhibiting thrombin, the clotting agent in the blood. Unfortunately, because of this significant difference, if patients experienced fatal bleeds, they could not clot the blood with a shot of Vitamin K.  In fact, Pradaxa had no reversal or clotting agent to offer patients.

If You Have Been Injured By Pradaxa

Pradaxa patients could face serious and lasting injuries as a result of taking their medication as prescribed.  This could include:

·         Potentially fatal bleed outs

·         Increased risk of heart attacks

·         Increased bleeding in the kidneys

·         Bleeding in the brain

·         Purple spots under the skin, abnormal bleeding from the gums, mouth, vagina, and rectum

·         Blood in your urine or stools

·         Coughing up blood or vomit

·         Intestinal bleeding, ulcers

·         Death

How Strong Is Your Pradaxa Case

If you've suffered adverse reactions to Pradaxa, your product liability attorney will want to know whether these began before or after January, 2012, when the FDA mandated changed warning labels. Incidents occuring prior to January 2012 are likely to lead to a stronger case than those experienced after the FDA mandated changed labels.

Patients who suffered the following will have stronger cases:

·  gastrointestinal bleeds

·   a hemorrhagic stroke

· trauma-induced atypical bleeding event

· death

It is important that you seek medical help for any Pradaxa injuries first.  And when you're well, seek the skilled advice of a product liability attorney.