Actos Litigation Heating Up

Across the country, Actos® litigation has begun to heat up.  In Southern California, another 115 cases have filed against manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals and its distributor, Eli Lilly. Across the nation, thousands of cases have filed alleging consumers developed bladder cancer as a result of taking their prescription Actos® (Plioglitazone) medication.

This multidistrict litigation has begun with 5 bellweather cases as test cases, so to speak.  When these 5 cases finish, other litigants should have a clearer idea of how much they can potentially recover from these pharmaceutical giants.

If You Have Developed Bladder Cancer from taking Actos®

Bladder cancer is a painful form of cancer, but if you catch it early enough there are treatment options.  You should immediately seek medical attention.  Go to your primary physician and discuss potential treatments according to your health history and age.

If you have taken your prescription Actos® medication and have developed bladder cancer, you may be entitled to compensation.  You should seek the aid of an experienced product liability attorney to file suit on your behalf.

What Can I Recover in a Product Liability Case

Plaintiffs in product liability cases might be eligible for large settlements that could potentially include the following kinds of compensation:

  • reimbursed medical bills, medical costs
  • future medical bills, costs
  • loss of earnings, wages
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of companionship
  • punitive damages
As the  Actos® litigation proceeds, attorneys will get a clearer picture of what kinds of compensation, if any, are available to injured consumers.  Call an experienced product liability attorney today for a free consultation to discuss your case.