Actos Bladder Cancer Litigation Underway to Offer Patients Relief

Actos litigation is well underway. Federal Judge Rebecca Doherty has consolidated In Re: Actos (Pioglitazone) Products Liability Litigation into multidistrict litigation, which currently has over a thousand plaintiffs suing Takeda Pharmaceuticals and its subsidiaries.  Patients across the United States have filed suit in order to obtain expedited relief. 

At the heart of these lawsuits is a claim that plaintiffs were not alerted to the health risks inherent to taking Actos until too late.  Plaintiffs have asserted that the pharmaceutical giant knew or should have known of the dangers this drug posed to their health.  Many of these patients were shocked to develop life altering conditions after taking their medication, such as bladder cancer. 

What is Actos

Actos is a prescribed daily medication for diabetes type 2.  In conjunction with diet and exercise, Actos is intended to control the insulin resistance by raising the patient's sensitivity to insulin.  

Actos (pioglitazone) accounts for approximately 20% of the diabetes medication prescribed today.  Made by Takeda Pharmaceuticals and distributed by Eli Lilly, this drug has enjoyed massive distribution.  Approved in 1999, Actos accounts for over $5 billion in reported sales per year.  

The Alleged Problem with Actos

Actos was sold as the answer to Avandia, a drug which previously carried significant risks of heart attack.  The problem was that these "safer" claims did not appear to be consistent according to various research studies.  

In 1998, Kaiser Permanente began studying the effects of Actos, believing the statistical data in Actos' clinical trials did not tell the entire story of potential outcomes.  After 10 years, Kaiser published this study, concluding patients taking Actos had a 40% increased risk of developing bladder cancer.

This came as quite a shock to patients, who were already at increased risk of bladder cancer.  High risk patients were advised by the FDA to discuss alternative options with their doctors. 

If You Have Been Harmed

Actos litigation is still active.  If you have taken your Actos medication as prescribed and have later developed bladder cancer, heart failure, or suspicious bone fractures, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  Patients suffering are encouraged to consult a skilled product liability and personal injury attorney to obtain the relief they need.