Pradaxa Lawsuits Seek to Help Injured Pradaxa Patients

The Pradaxa litigation has begun and the discovery phase is well under way.  After hundreds of Pradaxa patients have died and thousands have suffered injury, over 150 initial cases against Pradaxa's manufacturer.  These cases have been consolidated into one multidistrict litigation case, which aims to expedite relief for patients who have suffered injury because of the drug.  In comparison to class action lawsuits, the injured parties in this case are allowed to file across the country in federal court to join the litigation.

What are the Pradaxa lawsuits about?

At the heart of the matter in the Pradaxa lawsuits is an assertion by injured patients that the manufacturer may have released a potentially fatal drug onto the market without a means for patients to reverse serious health outcomes.  To date, part of the issues discussed in the case is how Pradaxa compares to similar drugs in its class.  While this is a great starting point to understand how it differs significantly, the issue that many patients want to focus on is whether or not the company knew its drug could cause deaths when they released it onto the market.

If the plaintiffs can prove that the manufacturer released the drug irresponsibly, they will have a landmark case.  As the FDA's number one source for drug fatalities in 2011, these cases could have a huge price tag for manufacturers.  Since there is no reversal agent to prevent potentially fatal bleeding events, consumers may have a point.  What sort of safety or control options did the manufacturers prepare in case patients experienced severe side effects?  What did they think would be the result if there were side effects?

Seek help for Pradaxa injuries

If the judge determines manufacturers released the drug irresponsibly, there could literally be thousands of cases against Pradaxa's manufacturer.  Many injured patients are in need of relief to pay mounting medical bills and treat serious injuries.  The relief such a case may provide would go a long way to providing for these medical costs. If you or a loved one has been injured taking Pradaxa, you should consult a skilled product liability attorney today to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.