Congressmen Demand FDA Protect Consumers from Brazilian Blowout Allegedly Toxic Formula

If you were wondering what happened to the controversial Brazilian Blowout, you may not have to wonder for much longer.  A few years ago, reports began to circulate that stated consumers had been experiencing adverse reactions from their Brazilian Blowout treatment.  Many stylists had come forward, claiming they refused to use the product because of toxic chemicals, and the press ran many stories about the dangers associated with the Brazilian Blowout treatment.  A costly lawsuit seemed to drive the point home that this product was allegedly toxic. 

Now Congressional members have added their complaints to the mix.  Fox News reports that 3 members of Congress- Edward Markey (D- Mass.), Jan Schakowsky (D- Ill.), and Earl Blumenauer (D- Ore.) have written a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admonishing the agency that they should do more to protect consumers.

The Dangers of Brazilian Blowout Treatments

Brazilian Blowouts are popular hair treatments intended to straighten and smooth frizzy hair.  The product is made by GIB LLC.  Consumer complaints have steadily risen over the years, including many consumer calls for the manufacturer to voluntarily recall the product.  Last year, the FDA sent a letter to the manufacturer, warning that their products were "misbranded" and contained potentially dangerous levels of formaldehyde (which is widely known as a chemical used in funeral homes) despite labels stating the product was formaldehyde- free.  However, there has been no follow up action.

In California, GIB LLC was found guilty of violating Prop 65, which required labels to warn consumers of carcinogens in the product.  This cost the company $600,000 in fees, penalties, and costs. 

These Congressional members believe hairstylists are at risk working with these dangerous chemicals as well as patrons who are at risk being treated with these chemicals. Rep. Markey stated to the media, " The FDA should immediately take action to stop the sale of these potentially carcinogenic hair straightening products, and continue to evaluate whether to ban formaldehyde from hair straighteners altogether."

Should these concerns escalate to a ban of the product, the United States would be joining Canada, Ireland, and Australia, who have already banned these products for allegedly dangerous chemicals. 

Have You Been Hurt

Many patrons have experienced a variety of injuries and strange occurrences after receiving a Brazilian blowout.  This includes:

  • losing all their hair
  • scalp damage
  • skin damage
  • asthma attacks
  • esophageal damage
  • nose bleeds
  • eyes burning
  • nasopharyngeal cancer
  • leukemia
Hair stylists remain at the greatest risk because they are performing the treatment multiple times per day.  When the formaldehyde is heated, a toxic gas is being released into the air, which the hair stylist or technician is likely breathing multiple times per day.

If you have been hurt by your Brazilian Blowout treatment, or if you have been injured administering this treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.  Call a skilled product liability attorney today to help you get the justice you deserve.