Yaz Litigation Underway

You used to see those Yaz commercials all the time on tv.  They always seemed to feature a pretty girl who was fun, outgoing, flirty and having the time of her life whatever she was doing.  I realized I haven't seen those in a while.  Maybe that's because in 2012, the birth control pill, Yaz, and its manufacturers were put on trial.

To date, available information online suggests manufacturer Bayer has settled with over 3,500 patients totaling over $750 million.  But to many consumers, the source of these continuing lawsuits is a bit of a mystery.

Why the Yaz Lawsuits?

In 2012, an estimated 10,000 women sued the manufacturer alleging serious side effects as a result of taking this birth control pill. Many of these women claimed that as a result of the aforementioned commercials, they took the pill hoping to cure ailments that Yaz was not approved by the FDA to treat. The FDA characterized these advertisements as misleading. If you remember early advertisements, the actress made bold claims that taking Yaz might help with acne and other conditions. However, many women were faced with different results instead.

Among the lawsuits are claims that taking Yaz created problems such as:

  • pulmonary embolisms
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • blood clots
  • gallbladder disease
  • stroke

There are still lawsuits being filed on behalf of women who have experienced severe health problems that they allege are the result of taking Yaz.  If you have been similarly hurt by taking Yaz, you might want to talk to a skilled product liability attorney to determine if you have a case.  You may be entitled to compensation for these injuries.