FDA Warns of Dangerous Dietary Supplement- Vows to Take Aggressive Action

There's something so insidious about some of these dietary supplement drugs. While there are many fine dietary supplements on the market, some of them are quite harmful.  For example, the dietary supplement Reumofan has been recognized by the FDA as a harmful supplement containing ingredients which could potentially cause serious harm to consumers.

With this kind of attention, the drug has reemerged under another name.  The new drug is being called "Wow."  According to the FDA, this harmful drug, once named Reumofan Plus, has simply changed its name.  Available on many sites under names such as and other generic sounding sites, this drug is now being marketed to treat a host of ailments, none of which the FDA can advocate its use to treat.

The Dangers of the Dietary Supplement Reumofan Plus

According to the FDA, Reumofan Plus has been marketed to treat a variety of ailments, including:

  • arthritis
  • muscle pain
  • osteoporosis
  • bone cancer
In truth, the FDA cites in their public warning released yesterday, that instead of a health benefit, consumers could experience the following serious injuries:

  • liver damage
  • serious bleeding events
  • adrenal supression
  • stroke, heart attack
  • death
The FDA has previously warned that this drug could be very harmful to consumers and promises to take "aggressive action" in order to protect consumers.

If You Have Suffered Injury

Consumers who have taken either Wow or Reumofan Plus are encouraged to call their doctor immediately to determine whether they have injured themselves seriously.  Users are also encouraged to report any injuries to the FDA.  Any injured consumers are also encouraged to call a skilled personal injury attorney in order to potentially preserve their legal rights and obtain compensation for these injuries.