Honda Announces Major Recall of US Vehicles

The folks over at Honda have been busy. Last October, they issued a massive recall of over half a million Honda Accords due to concerns over fire risks in engines.  Now, Honda has announced another massive recall wherein they plan to recall over 871,000 vehicles for a potential parking security defect.  According to Honda, there's a potential that when people place the car in park, it may still roll away.

To Honda's credit, they have responded with quick recalls after only 2 minor reports of injuries associated with these potential car defects.  But does this kind of response indicate prior knowledge of the problems?  Or is it indicative of a car company who is consumer focused despite what will be a hefty price tag for the car maker? 

Recall Details- Affected Vehicles

Honda is recalling nearly a million cars world wide.  This includes:

  • 347,244 Honda Odysseys
  • 276,850 Honda Passports (years 2003-2004)
  • 247,179 Acura MDX's (years 2003-2006)
According to the car maker, 807,000 of these vehicles are located in the United States and the rest are located in Canada.  Car owners are encouraged to call their dealership for more information about the recall and to see if their vehicle is included in the recall list. 

Based upon the car maker's investigation, this issue could be potentially serious.  Honda released information which stated when the car's transmission wasn't in park, the interlock device could become worn enough where the key could be removed. Therefore, if the transmission was not parked and the driver had not put up the parking break, the vehicle could potentially roll into the street and cause a car crash. 

If You've Been Injured and Need Legal Info

In a country with strict product liability laws, these recalls seem prudent.  In the United States, our product liability laws allow for unlimited liability damages whereas many Asian countries like China and Japan have strict liability laws limiting the amount of compensation an injured victim may receive.

If you've been injured by this potential defect, call a skilled personal injury and product liability attorney.  An experienced lawyer can help you to determine whether or not you have a case and what you might be able to expect from your lawsuit.