2013 Workers Compensation Changes Due to Offer Relief to Injured Workers

Following landmark legislation changes to California's workers' compensation system, 2013 will mark the year that lowered employers' costs and increased coverage to workers injured on the job. When these changes take effect, over $700 million in increased benefits will be offered to injured employees and over $1 billion in reductions will be offered to employers.  These changes are likely to occur during the summer of 2013, a welcome relief to employers and injured employees alike.

Workers Compensation is Intended to Offer Relief to Injured Employees

When a worker has been injured on the job, states have a fund reserved to offer compensation to these workers. Often, injuries prevent someone from going back to work and risk an employee's livelihood.  The benefits workers' compensation funds offer are intended to provide for the medical bills that can pile up and bills that often accrue when an employee is out of work.

But in practice, often injured employees find the system hard to navigate.  This is why injured workers are encouraged to call a skilled work injury lawyer.  Injuries can compound over time and pain can be hard to articulate.  Injured workers may feel the pressure to go back to work prematurely or may find their workplace unsympathetic to their work injury.  When your livelihood is at risk, where do you turn?  Call a skilled work injury attorney to help you obtain the best possible care and to obtain the best possible outcome from your work injury. 

The landmark changes to California's workers' compensation funds are due to provide more relief for employees with long term injuries requiring extensive care.  Previously, funds had been somewhat limited and are due to increase to offer more relief to injured workers. 

What Kinds of Work Injuries Qualify for Compensation

Often employees are concerned whether their injuries are severe enough to warrant financial help.  Depending upon your unique injuries and circumstances, you may be entitled to a large settlement.  Often, injured workers have suffered the following:

  • slips and falls 
  • construction injuries
  • severed limbs
  • toxic chemical exposure
  • head injuries
  • back and spinal cord injuries
  • heart attack, stroke
  • death
Your injury could seemingly feel minor, but your pain could worsen and the quality of your life could deteriorate.  You should seek the help that you need and protect your legal rights.  Call a skilled work injury lawyer today.