Hope for Brain Injuries

Following a car accident, a brain injury, and especially a traumatic brain injury, can seem like a grim sentence.  How does one put their life back together when they have limited use of their body as a result of a brain injury? Or how do you go on with your life with diminished brain capacity?  Brain injuries like this can be extremely frightening, but there is hope.

One center, Brain Rehabilitation and Injury Network in Cypress, Ca, seeks to reach out to patients with brain injuries to help them to move on and live a more normal life.  One such service the network offers is a cooking class with Colt, a man who has similarly suffered a tragic brain injury.

Colt suffered a car accident, a former high school athlete whose traumatic accident caused his sports trophy to fly into the back of his head, causing a severe brain injury.  Colt has only limited use of the left side of his body as a result.  But cooking with others who have similarly been injured has been some of the best rehabilitation that Colt has ever experienced.

Brain Injuries Can Be Tragic Consequences of an Accident

The reality is that your brain is shielded by very little in your skull. In a severe car accident, there is significant risk that your brain could get knocked around inside your skull.  When this happens, your brain could be injured severely. In such instances, brain injuries could cause a number of consequences including:

  • diminished motor skills
  • difficulty speaking
  • loss of memory
  • loss of use of an entire side of your body
  • inability to regulate body temperature, to hold one's bowels, etc...
  • loss of sense of touch, taste, smell
  • difficulty breathing 
  • difficulty understanding language
  • loss of awareness of big picture/ visionary thinking
  • impaired cognitive functions
Brain injuries can be quite severe and living with a brain injury could mean years of potential medical care.  Over time, these costs could add up. If you've suffered a brain injury, you should call a skilled personal injury attorney today in order to gain the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and put your life back together.