Monster Energy to Change Label

After increased speculation into dietary supplements continues, Monster Energy Drinks has announced they will be relabeling their drinks as traditional drinks, not energy supplements.  Industry watchers have begun  to question whether this also means Monster will be reducing the amount of caffeine in their beverages.  Recently, tests have shown a 24 oz.  can of Monster energy drink contains as much as 270 mg of caffeine, which has been widely criticized following recent youths' deaths

Are Energy Drinks Safe?

Following recent high profile deaths attributed to energy drinks, many consumers have questioned whether energy drinks are safe or whether they can similarly expect to be injured consuming these beverages.  Concerns have often centered on caffeine toxicity concerns, which have been attributed to the following injuries:

  • increased heart beats
  • irregular heart beats
  • vomiting, sweating, nausea
  • dizziness, loss of balance
  • anxiety, stress
  • cardiac arrest
According to hospital staff, they have seen a marked increase in youths in the emergency room with symptoms of caffeine toxicity.  Thought to be because of these widely available energy drinks, thousands of youths end up injured and in the hospital every year due to caffeine toxicity. 

If you have been injured consuming these caffeinated energy drinks, you should preserve your rights and call a product liability and personal injury attorney today.