Preventing Work Injury Could Save TaxPayers $39 Billion Says Study

Work injuries are a huge concern for employees, but particularly for those whose jobs involve intensive labor.  But did you know that we the tax payers also bear the brunt of costs from work injuries?  According to George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, work injuries cost us $39 billion per year.  

Often, when people read these staggering totals, they rush to pin blame on insurance companies, attorneys, regulators, but the real problem is two fold: fraudulent workers' compensation injury claims and unsafe working conditions.

Ways in Which a Work Injury Can Be Prevented

When it comes to work injuries, often the first line of defense is to have a thriving and active safety program.  Studies show that workplaces which take the time to implement strong safety measures and time to teach their employees these safety guidelines often can enjoy better safety records and happier employees.  The following are great steps forward towards preventing work injuries:

  • strong safety program
  • refresher courses and brown bag lunches with insurance representatives
  • safety signs that are clear 
  • safety equipment
  • a congenial system where others watch out after another
  • procedures in place to ensure every safety precaution is met 
  • regular safety inspections
  • regular testing and monitoring of employees
  • taking breaks from repetitive and potentially stressful movements
  • managing stress, getting enough sleep and nutrition
  • increased sense of agency and input on the job
  • removal of any harmful or toxic substances in the work environment
  • provide medical exams for employees who may be at risk

If you have suffered a work injury, you should immediately report the injury to your work place.  You should also seek medical attention and call a skilled work injury lawyer. By calling a work injury lawyer today, you can ensure you have someone fighting on your side for the compensation you deserve.