Recent Tornadoes Devastate Homes in Oklahoma

Tornadoes have recently swept Oklahoma City killing 24 people, including nine children. On Tuesday, an extremely monstrous tornado devastated suburbs in Oklahoma ruining homes and schools. Unfortunately, officials believe that the death toll can still rise. Rescuers are searching through rubble trying to find survivors.  

According to the National Weather Service, the tornado was 1.3 miles wide and had winds moving at 200 and 210 miles per hour. The tornado was ranked EF5 which means it categorizes as one of the strongest tornadoes.

It is said the tornado is one of the most horrific tornadoes the state has ever endured. In some areas, there are only bricks, sticks, and varied rubble where houses and properties used to be. The tornado has wrecked the streets to the point where city officials were hurrying to create new street signs to help rescuers.

Unfortunately, the worst isn’t over yet. Southwest Arkansas and northeast Texas may face severe weather as well. Those parts of the nation may face damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes.

A Flood of Insurance Claims

By Friday morning, State Farm Insurance had received over 1400 auto claims and 2100 claims regarding property damage. While officials are still trying assess the total amount of damage caused by the tornadoes, officials believe it will be hefty considering it is categorizes as an EF-5.

A spokesman from the Insurance Council of Texas stated that trying to give a dollar amount right after a tornado may be difficult as they are still trying to figure out how much damage was done. Insurance companies are working to try to sort through claims and assess damage and ask people to be patient. 

Home Insurance Claims Denial

Natural disasters, including tornadoes like the one described above, can occur instantly and ruin everything in a day’s time. When insurance companies are flooded and not responding quickly or giving you the treatment you need, you should consult with a home insurance claim attorney immediately. A home insurance claim attorney from Alexander Cohen & Associates will work to earn you the monetary compensation you deserve for your property damage. Contact us today for a free consultation.