Many Workers Put at Risk after Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, many construction workers rushed to work trying to repair and restore torn and ruined homes. Unfortunately, many of these workers faced serious injury due to unsafe work environments. After the hurricane, many contractors ignored safety rules and put workers at risk in order to speedily get the job done.

A news investigation found that numerous construction employees worked in dangerous conditions that led to either serious injury or even death. Workers suffered severe wounds from accidents such as:
  •          Falling from roofs without protection
  •          Being shocked by exposed wires
  •          Being injured from chemicals

Federal inspectors found a number of unsafe job conditions in New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration records, there were 3,100 instances of unsafe job conditions, causing inspectors to remove more than 7,000 workers from hazardous conditions.

While the administration found a number of worker violations, most contractors were not punished and just suffered minimal fines. This lack of punishment is reckless considering that two workers died from dangerous work conditions during cleanup. One worker died from falling off a ladder, which should have been supervised. Another worker was splashed in the face with battery acid when he should have been wearing goggles.

Workers Rights and Safe Work Environments

According to OSHA, employers (and contractors in this situation) should harbor safe work environments for employees. Regardless of whether or not the houses need to be rebuilt quickly, employers are responsible for protecting their workers and requiring them to perform proper practices in order to be safe. When employers act irresponsibly, workers can and may injure themselves. In some cases, like the event described above, workers can die from unsafe work conditions.

Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If you or a family member were recently injured while at work, you should contact a workers’ compensation attorney. All employers should maintain a safe work environment prevent injuries from occurring. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney as they may be able to win you a substantial settlement for your physical pain and financial loss.