Massive Recall of Popular Vehicles Due to Airbag Defects

Recently, Toyota has recalled about 1.7 million automobiles in the world. Many of these vehicles include popular models such as:
  •          Corolla
  •           Matrix
  •          Camry
However, Toyota is not the only car manufacturer recalling vehicles. Honda, Nissan and Mazda are all issuing a recall. Nissan has recalled about 480,000 cars, while Mazda is recalling 45,000 vehicles. The majority of recalled vehicles are from 2001- 2003 models.

The recall was issued in order to replace passenger front airbag inflators as they may deploy with too much pressure. So far the defected airbags have not injured or killed any drivers or passengers. In one crash, the casing of the front airbag had ruptured after being deployed. Honda has a history of recalls with airbags, but with the driver’s side airbags.

Past Recalls Ending

Unfortunately, there have been numerous recalls in the past of unsafe vehicles. In October, Toyota issued a huge recall because a problem with the power window created a fire risk. As a result, the company had to recall 7.43 million cars. In addition, the company recalled millions of cars in 2009 and 2010 due to problems with the accelerator pedal. There were various cases where vehicles would unintentionally accelerate. The scandal led to a large settlement costing the company over a billion dollars.

Dangerous Product Attorney

Unfortunately, vehicles are not always 100% safe. There exist numerous malfunctions and defects that can potentially endanger the driver and passengers. However, companies are responsible for warning consumers and the public regarding risks involved with use of their product. When a company fails to warn consumers, the company is illustrating negligence and irresponsibility.

If you or someone you know was recently injured due to a vehicle malfunction or any type of defective product, you should contact a dangerous products attorney. A dangerous products attorney at the Bond & Taylor law firm will work to earn you monetary compensation for any injuries that resulted from the defective product. If your injuries required medical treatment or forced you to take time off from work, you should consider filing a claim against the negligent manufacturer. Contact our law office today to discuss your legal options.