Tourist Loses Leg Due to Road Rage Incident

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013, a British tourist was run over by a taxicab driver severing her leg. The accident first started due to a road rage incident between the taxicab driver and a cycling messenger. The 23 year-old was enjoying a hot dog by a fountain near the Rockefeller center on the first day of her vacation. That is when the taxicab driver accelerated during his road rage and ran over the young lady.

Witnesses of the accident came to help save her from a plumber to a hotdog stand worker. The plumber used his belt as a tourniquet to save her life while the hotdog stand owner put her foot into a bucket of ice. Television’s Dr. Oz came to the rescue as well and rushed to her aid. During the entire accident, the woman was conscious, but unable to speak. Half of her leg is missing while the other is mangled. Doctors worked desperately to reattach the leg, but were unable to.

According to the bicyclist, the accident occurred due to a road rage spat. Moments prior to the accident, the bicyclist reported telling the cab driver to slow down. Then the cab driver accelerated and the bicyclist landed onto of the cab and the cab rammed into the woman after losing control. The cab driver’s story conflicts with the bicycle rider. However, the cab driver has a history of driving violations and tickets.

The Dangers of Road Rage Accidents

Road rage incidents like the one described above can lead to accidents and injuries for innocent pedestrians and motorists nearby. When people are enraged, they are unable to think clearly and make aggressive decisions. It is best to always keep your calm while driving and refrain from doing anything you may regret.

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