Seven Relatives Killed in Collision with Big Rigs

Seven relatives have died after their Jeep SUV was crushed by two big rigs. The accident occurred in Indiana during a traffic backup on Thursday, August 15, 2013. According to police officials, there were three adults and four children in the vehicle.

The accident occurred when the Jeep stopped behind a tractor-trailer near a work zone. Then another tractor-trailer behind the Jeep failed to stop. The trailer rammed into the Jeep, causing the front portion of the SUV to be plowed into the front semi truck. Consequently, the Jeep burst into flames and caught the trucks ablaze.

The car was so severely mangled and burned that it had to be sent to the fire department to remove the victims. According to news reports, the victims are all related to each other, but the exact relation is currently unknown. Alcohol or drugs do not seem to be a factor in the accident. One truck driver was injured while the other one was not. The ages of the victims range from 3 years to 49.

The Dangers of Trucking Accidents

Trucking is a major industry all over the nation. You will constantly see large vehicles like big rigs and semi trucks on the road. Unfortunately, these vehicles are a huge safety concern for drivers everywhere. When a truck driver fails to brake on time or runs a red light, a severe accident can occur.

In the story described above, the truck driver failed to stop on time and consequently, killed 7 people. When an 80,000 pound truck rams into a 2,000 pound car, the chances of the passengers being injured are great. As a result, truck drivers need to be safer and operate their vehicles in a manner that protects the lives of others.

Speak to a Personal Injury Accident Attorney

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